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Encourage your little one to play house with this Kitchen Play Set Carry Case by Miss and Chief. With this kitchen play set, your child can come up with a variety of imaginative scenarios that will improve his/her motor skills, knowledge about cooking, and so on.

Keeps Your Child Occupied

The brightly coloured toys that make up this kitchen playset will keep your little one occupied for hours.

Easy to Store and Transport

In case youre travelling, you can carry this kitchen playset along with you as it comes with a carrying case. You can use this case to store the 26 plastic cooking parts and accessories.

Easy to Assemble

The kitchen play set is easy to assemble. With this, your little one can learn how to imitate real kitchen appliances and experiment with cooking different make-believe foods.


Miss & Chief Little Chef's Kitchen Set with Accessories for Kids

SKU: CD-N-3375